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We met with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Zegzula yesterday and we really liked him.  He said much that helped me to understand more about what is involved in both a mastectomy and a lumpectomy.  First, there is no reconstruction involved in a lumpectomy.  I didn’t realize this.  Also, lumpectomy requires radiation and radiation scars tissue.  Given my age, I need to consider possibility of reoccurrence.  There is a 1% reoccurrence rate with a lumpectomy so that is a 44% chance of reoccurrence between now and age 85 if I went with a lumpectomy.  And operating on a previously operated breast increase many risk factors – like infection, etc.  Also given the size of my breast and the size of the mass, my breast would be fairly disfigured with a lumpectomy.  There is just not that much there to take! 🙂

And I also found out that my oncologist – the amazing Dr. Nathalie Johnson who is also a survivor – had Dr. Zegzula do her mastectomy.  This meant the world to me!  Check out this video to see what I am talking about – she is special and I felt that immediately and am so grateful.

I have my MRI on Friday.  This will hopefully help to show more about that other spot that was unable to be biopsied.  So little by little we are gathering information.  I am learning to sit with this information, dance with this information, write and talk about this information and slowly but surely a clear path will emerge.



7 thoughts on “The latest

  1. I’ve heard fantastic things about Dr. Zegzula. His office is amazing and people have said that he is the one to go to for breast cancer- reconstruction and mastectomies. (And as I sit here, I hesitated writing “breast cancer”… I don’t know why… It’s such a big thing!!)

    xoxo Liz

  2. Erika, you have found a wonderful doctor full of compassion and soul. The very best fit for you. after watching the video, I know you are in the best of hands. love you so much!!!!

  3. Oh my I just watched the video and you and doc Johnson are too peas in a pod. What an amazing woman and doctor to have on your team. I know can completely visualize the bear hug she gave you at your first visit.

  4. I know you all – I feel so blessed to have a Doc I trust wholeheartedly. At a time when so much doubt is creeping in, so thankful to just feel super solid about my care.

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