Grounding in the Green

sister selfie in the lush green forest
sister selfie in the lush green forest

I awoke this morning with a similar feeling of anxiety that I had last Sunday evening/monday morning.  The weekends have felt so replenishing and then the week begins and thoughts of work, ending of the school year, birthday parties, schedules, etc. all fill my mind with the backdrop of the unknowns of my breast cancer and treatment and what will this all really look like.  It’s like a heavy weight drops into my chest and I wonder how I will balance it all.

And then my sissy picks me up for a morning hike in forest park.  First we stop for lattes of course.  Then we just immerse ourselves in the lush green trees and almost immediately I feel better.  And of course only Mich can then get me laughing about “what the hell are nodes anyway”.  I’m learning that it is not until surgery that they will be able to determine if my cancer has spread near to or into my nodes.  This would mean potential chemo – but it is highly unlikely in my case.  All so crazy to even think about…but somehow talking about it in the forest with my sissy left me feeling ok about it all.  The only thing we were missing is our other sissy – and then we talked about how Rana has learned so much on her healing journey and how we both continue to learn from her.  For starters, watching her commitment to a strict anti-inflammatory diet amazes me…particularly now as wine and chocolate have been my closest friends! 🙂  Luckily, I have Honey Mama’s nectar fudge (thanks to my friend Christy) and an upcoming lunch date with my talented friend Rose, who is a Naturopathic Doctor with a focus on oncology to discuss nutrition and other supplemental care.  I am really trusting my body in this process and right now it likes wine! haha.  I read this today “Several large studies show high intake of folic acid, found in spinach, broccoli, corn, and legumes, appeared to mitigate the excess risk of breast cancer from alcohol”.  At least I have been putting dark, leafy greens in my smoothies every morning!  So here’s to grounding in the green!



3 thoughts on “Grounding in the Green

  1. I so get the aneixety of wondering if your going to be able to handle everything that it is that you want to do. I love that your writing this all down and keeping track of this whole experience! I wish I was with you to be there for support! I am so glad that we have such an amazing family and “Other sister” :)!! Miss you. Always sending love! Thank you again for your nice isperational words ❤ You are AMAZING dont forget that!

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