Crappy Day

Last night Dr. Johnson called with the results of my MRI.  I was told 3 things that I was not expecting:

1.  The second spot that they were not able to biopsy successfully but that they were concerned about is invasive cancer.  It is still really early – probably Stage 1 but different than the DCIS (which is considered Stage 0) in that it is invasive so a further stage.

2.  There is a spot in my right breast in an intra mammary gland that they want to ultrasound.  My Doctor thinks it will be benign but they want to check.

3.  My nodes appeared swollen.  They also will ultrasound my nodes.  But my Doctor thinks that they could be swollen due to the dye in the MRI procedure.

What this means:  This information was just more shock and disappointment that there is more than we initially thought. However, it solidifies where we were already leaning towards for treatment  – bilateral mastectomy.  My doc still thinks needing chemo is unlikely.  Because my cancer is Estrogen positive, it responds to the drug therapy I am already on – tomoxifen…which is good.

So this doesn’t exactly change things but still just sucks a little.  We were really starting to wrap our heads around what we knew and a direction to go and now we need to process this new info and wrap our heads around it.  People kept telling me there would be ups and downs and this is just a down time.  It’s ok – it’s just what it is and we will move forward from here.

My ultrasound is Friday and a follow up with my Oncologist after that on Friday.  We are hoping to have a game plan for treatment after Friday.


6 thoughts on “Crappy Day

  1. You were in my dream last night, actually right before I woke up. The theme of the dream totally matches this post. We can chat about that later…

    I can’t imagine needing to wait till Friday and then again till the Friday afterwards. That totally bites. That’s great that the doc called last night. I hope you got ok sleep after that.

    Much Love to you!

  2. Shit! Shit! Shit! So sorry love. Grateful for this blog so we all can know and send love and prayers. I think you have a second career as a writer!!

  3. Good days and bad days, I’m afraid that’s what its all about right now. But i know you will stay positive a that more than half the battle … you sooooo

  4. Loving you, honey. Thanks for keeping us all posted. It’s life times a million…up and down, down and up…responding in relationship to actual reality as it comes at you. This is something you do so gracefully, love.

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