Pink Perler People Rocked it!!!



What a great night – what a perfect way to spend the evening pre appointment day.  GREAT distraction! I am so proud of my kids!  They raised $152 for Breast Cancer research and orders are still coming in.  We will be deciding which organization to be donating to over the weekend.  In the meantime, they are still busy creating so feel free to place orders.

And thank you to all those who came out!  Seeing friends from far and wide was such a treat and made the night extra special. I love to show my kids that this is the way community is done!  You all demonstrated to them that we show up for each other and share in the successes and setbacks.  But we are together through it all!  What an important message.  And we sure felt it! Much love to all….

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3 thoughts on “Pink Perler People Rocked it!!!

  1. I LOVE it! We got waylaid at Hugo’s preschool graduation. But we were sending mountains of love your way. You, btw, look amazingly gorgeous and vibrant, honey.

  2. Your family couldn’t be cuter and you do you have an incredible community! What a blessing and again you guys couldn’t be cuter.

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