Treatment Plan – it’s happening

We have a plan of attack people and I feel better…knowing that we are moving forward!!  After an ultrasound, another biopsy and mammogram (my poor little boobs! :)…today we learned the following:

1.  As I said they see a spot on my right breast that is most likely benign but that is what was ultra-sounded and biopsied today and we will have results Monday.

2.  My nodes looked fine in the ultrasound.  Of course, final determination if the cancer has spread to the nodes won’t happen until surgery when the nodes will be biopsied.  But it is highly unlikely that the cancer has spread to my nodes.

3.  The DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) which is the name of my diagnosis is actually 7 cm. in size.  This size sounds alarming but it is not.  My cancer is contained within the ductal system and that is why it is considered Stage 0.  The fact that it is so large is only important in that it has determined that I will have a double mastectomy – that is the only treatment option due to the size.

4.  Dr. Johnson. clarified that there is indeed a spot within my DCIS that may have broken out of the ductal wall (which is what they then call invasive cancer).  They will not be able to confirm or deny this until surgery.  If it is in fact invasive, it looks to be very small.  This will be significant in terms of treatment only in that if it is invasive, I will stay on the drug therapy Tamoxifen for 5 years but if it is not invasive, then I will be clear after the surgery!

We have decided on a surgery date of July 7.  There I said it.  It is happening.  It is real.

Being in the presence of the amazing team of doctors and nurses at the Legacy Breast Center is so reassuring and healing. They are so with me and available and make it all ok.  They GET it that you might just get teary at some seemingly random piece of information…but it just strikes you in that moment and you are already going on little sleep and the floodgates open and they are there for me.  Just being in the presence of Dr. Johnson is therapeutic.  So I consider myself blessed to have this amazing team around me.

The Radiologist reiterated how lucky I am that I just had this first mammogram when I did.  She said that had I waited till age 45 or whatever, this would be a whole different ballgame.  I am blessed and I have a plan!!!


5 thoughts on “Treatment Plan – it’s happening

  1. Dahlia and I both adored seeing your beautiful family yesterday at the Pink Perler People sale — and our new magnet is fabulous. I just watched the video about your doctor and I have to agree, you are blessed to have her on your team. What an amazing, talented, warm and loving lady! So glad to hear you now have a plan in place. Lots of love to you Erika!

  2. Erika – your openness and courage is inspiring. I am so thankful that you have this amazing team who is meeting your emotional and physical needs. I just love this doctor. Keep on rocking it girl – we will be thinking of you on July 7.

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