All in a Day

Wow time is so warped right now.  This Thursday will be 4 weeks from diagnosis and it feels like it has been 4 months!  And then when I think back to when I awoke this morning at the crack of dawn…just bing 5 am time to get up and think I guess…it seems like ages ago.  Getting the kids ready,making breakfasts and lunches, school drop off, 7 clients, and then home to Zander crying of an ear infection.  Off to urgent care since AJ was with Avery at her Belly Dancing performance (so cute)!  Back home, made tacos, and finally got everyone off to sleep.

And you know what??  I am not freaking out.  I feel utterly exhausted but this bigger picture thing of having Breast Cancer is also a strange and constant reminder to just breathe, to hold those I love dear, and to keep rolling.  Reading a great book right now that my friend Mer’s sister-and-law sent called “The Silver Lining”.  Here is her blog:

I relate to her and her perspective in so many ways.  I love the concept of finding the silver linings in the face of challenges or hardships.  In fact, I really approach life this way.  It does not mean not acknowledging reality or feelings (after all, I am a therapist for God’s sake), and some days/moments are just hard, but it does mean finding the meaning or the blessings in all this craziness.

I was talking with my kids about this concept.  She shares in the book that she creates “silver lining movie and book lists” with her daughter – framing it as special things they can enjoy together when she is not feeling well.  Initially, I really thought having surgery in the summer just absolutely sucked.  Summer is my very favorite season – hikes, bike rides, river dips, berry picking, lounging in the sunshine.  However, I really am starting to see this time coming up as a time for me…a time to heal and pause, grow, and strengthen.  So my kids and I have already started out “silver lining movie and book list”.  One of my favorite things to do with my kids is cuddle so although this will be difficult post surgery, being together in this way will be nice.

Please pass along any great kid/family book or movie recommendations.  Looking for ones that an almost 10 year old boy, an almost 7 year old girl, and me can all enjoy together – ideally stories or messages that are uplifting or funny.  

And I’m off to sleep as my 5 am wake up is coming fast! 🙂


10 thoughts on “All in a Day

  1. The Princess Bride is my all time favorite “under the weather” movie. We have a copy to lend you! We loved Ernest and Celestine, which might be young for Zander, but it’s still amazing and totally loveable. It’s an art film, ya know? xoxo

  2. Whale Rider is a classic one that always moves me and has some great messages for kids. I also love reading Rohl Dahl books to kids and chatting about themes and storylines in them. You are so braven and beautifully transparent, dear friend!

  3. I will think more about movie recommendations, but this post feels so connected to an excerpt from another blog I read today (and strange coincidence, since I am not a avid ‘blog’ reader)…

    “One of the best ways to develop adaptability to the stresses of life is to view them as normal. Earl Nightingale tells of his visit with his son recently to the Great Barrier Reef which stretches nearly 1800 miles from New Guinea to Australia. Noticing that the coral polyps on the inside of the reef, where the sea was tranquil and quiet in the lagoon, appeared pale and lifeless… while the coral on the outside of the reef, subject to the surge of the tide and power of the waves, were bright and vibrant with splendid colors and flowing growth… Earl Nightingale asked why this was so. ‘It’s very simple,’ came the reply, ‘the coral on the lagoon-side dies rapidly with no challenge for growth and survival… while the coral facing the surge and power of the open sea, thrives and multiplies because it is challenged and tested every day. And so it is with every living organism on earth.’”

    You WILL thrive!
    Sending love…

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