Healing Hands

I guess being a Healer has some benefits as I have some seriously amazing healing hands around me.  Again, the generosity of spirit is something to behold – my friends support me in the most tangible ways – through acupuncture, Shiatsu, movement, bodywork and more!

My dear Nia friends Vicki and Al are such powerful healers and they have been doing a method with called MELT.  It has been so therapuetic – just having that time to really be slow and connect to my body and breath has been so important.  My nervous system that feels so jacked up at the moment gets a break and a moment to calm, ground, and just be.  My connective tissue, lymphatic system and nervous system are prepared in such a real way!

more about MELT

My sweet angels who have been MELTING me every week!
My sweet angels who have been MELTING me every week!

Then last week my friend Shelly who is a Shaitsu practitioner and Acupuncturist gave me my first Shiatsu treatment ever.  But believe me, it will not be my last!  Again, maybe because I’ve had so much going on, when I get this time to “turn off”, I really do it.  I mean I a was like butter…in that glorious state between awake and asleep.  Little did I know that my friend Shelly used to work at the Immune Enhancement Program in SE Portland – a Chinese Medicine clinic providing treatment for cancer patients.  She is amazing!

Shiatsu with my adorable friend Shelly

My friend Rose is a Naturopathic Doctor focusing on Oncology.  I’ve always loved Rose’s vibrant energy, and being in her presence about 2 weeks after diagnosis really helped me turn things around.  She’s got me packed with vitamins, herbs, and green smoothies….but most of all it is her light that grounded me and moved me toward “stress” mode to “self care and nurturing” mode.

Rose, Naturopathic Doctor who shines

And my Nia student Helen, who is also my neighbor (building next door), will be giving me acupuncture the morning before my surgery.  How cool is that!

Oh, and my friend Liz will be doing some post op acupuncture.  I think I have a “post op block”, like when I was preparing for childbirth and the only thing I could think of was the birth and everything that came after was just not on line yet.  Well, that’s a bit how I feel about the surgery – I just can’t imagine how my new body will feel and I know some acupuncture to re-center and re-connect will be so helpful.

My friend Liz – one of Portland’s top docs too! 🙂

Being in the presence of so many skilled healers is a journey in and of itself for this healer.  I get to experience first hand what makes a healer a healer.  There is something about being fully seen, heard, and held that feels so good and comforting.  It is the quality of mindful presence and I am so lucky to be on the receiving end of all this healing.  No doubt this is yet another gift that will aid me in my own practices as a healer.


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