My Mom Rocks

Day 10 post operation and feeling a bit low today.  Kind of strange because yesterday was such a good day.  I got my drains out and that was such a relief.  Taking a shower after 10 days made me a new woman!  My mom and I walked in the afternoon, had a visit with some friends, and then we came home and the pain set in.  This was a new kind of pain and I’m sure my body is adjusting to life without those drains.  I mean the nurse literally pulled out a foot of plastic tubing on each side.  I gagged – I am definitely not meant to be a nurse.  Last might my back began to ache and my sides felt so swollen.  And I just felt emotional.  I know it is all a part of the process so I am just riding it out.

Some of the emotion may have been that my mom left today.  Having her with me for the last 2 weeks has been so very special.  Like she says, “out of the bad, comes the good”.  We walked and watched series on TV (Transparent is amazing if you are looking for a good series btw), and laughed…but most of all, it was just such a comfort to have her there.  Strange to not be able to just reach up and grab a bowl from the high cupboard or open my own pill bottles…and she was always right there to help me.  I know there are lots of friends and of course, AJ here for me now but I am so grateful to have shared such a challenging but meaningful time together with my mom.

Just returned from my first outing.  Went to Avery’s performance after a week at rock and roll camp.  She is playing the bass. How awesome is that??  Avery said, “Mom you look so normal”.  So I guess that’s good! 🙂  Then she said “I’m so proud of you”.  Yes I welled up with tears when she said that.  Here’s to moms everywhere!



4 thoughts on “My Mom Rocks

  1. Thanks for sharing Erika. ❤️ I hope you’re pain subsides sister. will you text me if you want to go for a little walk anytime this weekend? I’d love to go and I can bring you something delicious from the coffee shop on my way! Love you!

  2. I am so happy you are healing and have received such positive news! Your updates and AJ’s have been so special. They really have captured who you both are. And he is good at everything! What’s up with that? My dad is dying right now of pancreatic cancer. My mom had ovarian cancer 5 years ago. What does this mean? And why does it always impact the most beautiful ones? Wishing you healing and love and just joy! Pure, pure joy! xo

    • Elizabeth, thanks for your words and so sorry to hear about both our mom and dad. So strange that all this affects so many of us and yet, it is so very painful and challenging. Wishing you all comfort and love….xo

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