Turning Corners All Over

As several friends have pointed out, I have not been a very good blog updater! 🙂  So…here are some updates.  Last Sunday night was my first night sleeping on my back…no wedge pillows and arm pillows – the “spaceship” as AJ calls it is gone! Almost exactly when I hit week 3 post surgery last Tuesday, my energy started increasing and day by day I feel a bit more of myself peeking through. I ended up spending the week in White Salmon with Avery and my folks and several visitors throughout the week.  As many of you know, that White Salmon view of the gorge breathes calm and peace into my bones.  The change of scenery, my dad being my personal chef, my mom being my walking partner, and Avery being Avery was just what I needed. Visits from friends, long coffee talks, playing games, reading in the hammock, trips to the beach and a swimming hole (no I wasn’t cliff jumping like my son) but I got to enjoy it all.  Happily reunited with AJ (who had been home working) and Zander (who had been at overnight camp) for the weekend was a perfect cap to a much needed week in the gorge!

And then today was big!  I just felt like me.  I got up with the kids, made them breakfast, drove (for the first time) them to camp, and then ran some errands.  And I felt so happy doing that!  Who knew being back doing everyday things would bring me such joy.  And then I danced!  That’s right today was my first day back on the dance floor.  I went to a Nia class called “Moving to Heal”.  It moved me to tears.  Feeling my body be able to do things that even days ago it couldn’t do.  I had this moment like “my body is amazing”.  It went through all this – and it is healing beautifully.  Day by day, relearning, reorganizing itself, reintegrating and I felt so proud.

I still have moments of anger, disbelief, sadness, and frustration but I can see where I am headed and I feel utter gratitude for this.  Thank you all for your phone calls, texts, cards, and endless love and support.  The meal train has been AMAZING!!  So very helpful and yummy and we LOVE it!  Thank you.  Really, I am so blessed to have each of you in my life.


6 thoughts on “Turning Corners All Over

  1. We are so glad you are doing so well and feeling so good. And,,we can’t wait to see you all this weekend! Travel slow and easy and safely.

  2. Enjoy this special corner of healing. Turning back into the brightness of life. Where you belong so much!!! There is much challenge in the process, its easy to be in touch with the struggle and lose hope for the dawning. But its there…just around the corner. Remember that always!!

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