Cutting of the E bracelets!!

Tomorrow is September 7th – exactly 2 months since my mastectomy on July 7th and exactly 4 months since my diagnosis on May 7th.  Yes I happen to like the synchronicity of the numbers.  There has been so much synchronicity in this process that I figure I need to keep going with the sevens and the two month increments.

So how about tomorrow we all collectively cut off our sweet little “e” bracelets that Ms. Julie Smith so lovingly made.  Having you all wear the “e” all summer in solidarity with me was such a tangible and meaningful gesture.  I felt so connected with all of you as I traversed this path and as I have said again and again, it was this connection, this presence of love that has stayed with me – lifted me up and propelled me forward.  So if your bracelet has not fallen off already, how about at some point tomorrow you cut your bracelet…knowing that cutting them signifies to me the “cutting” or the “ending” of this Breast Cancer.


In preparation for Sept. 7th and knowing that I wanted to mark this date somehow, I also took a morning last week to re-read all of the cards and notes so many of you sent to me.  I sat in my garden, tears streaming down my face, as I read again the wise, funny, and poignant words so many of you shared with me.  It was helpful to read again since many of them I had read during my drug induced post surgery state! haha.


I will be keeping my “e” in a magical container that my kids and I created to mark this milestone.  I am filled with gratitude as I move toward the next “date” of Nov. 10th for my reconstructive surgery.  Still keeping the 2 month increments but the 7th was a Saturday! hehe.


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