Just Keep Writing

So my very first post on this Blog was May 19th entitled “Just Start Writing.”  As I enter 2016 one of my desires was to continue this blog and morph it into a Blog about a variety of health topics – including Breast Cancer.  As a practitioner of mental health and a movement teacher/workshop facilitator, this is my work!  And in my own healing journey, I have discovered that I love to write.

I realize as with any art form, there is the performance/professional side of the art and then there is the therapeutic side of the art form. Sometimes these bleed together but many times they don’t.  I appreciate and value both sides.  I love to go see professional dance performances and sit mesmerized by the possibility of the human body.  When I teach Nia, I love to help people connect with their bodies for the therapeutic value of knowing oneself.  After all, listening and responding to our bodies is powerful stuff!  For me, holding space as a Nia teacher is not about performing, but about healing.

It’s no surprise that writing for me is similar to this.  It is a pure expression of my thoughts and feelings – often unfiltered and barely edited.  I know – not the work of a professional writer.  But perhaps the work of a therapist/healer/human who loves to write! Every art form I explore is really like this.  I learned guitar back in college simply because I wanted to sing and write songs.  I did this and I still do (very occasionally – but more often as my daughter develops the same passion).  I still remember my very talented friend Derek looking at me in awe at how I could just write music – and yet, I know next to nothing about music theory.  I really only know basic chords.  The first song I ever wrote was born after the tragic loss of my friend Armin in college.  Grief – like every emotion – is just energy moving through and my first song was literally just that – an expression of love, sadness, loss, confusion, gratitude, and healing.

So I will just keep writing in 2016 – covering topics on trauma, loss, Depression & Anxiety, movement, Dance, Joy, love, and healing.  I’ve made a couple changes to my format – I will be removing the comments section – as I may have clients following my blog and am unable to engage in this way due to confidentiality, etc.  I have added a menu of topics which is an attempt to keep my content organized. Come join me on this journey if you like!


5 thoughts on “Just Keep Writing

  1. I am with you always. I love reading your thoughts and feelings. I have trouble expressing mine in words. Please keep writing.
    I love you so much!

    • oh thanks Shari! Have you read any of Brene Brown’s work or Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont – both of those talk about a SFD (Shitty First Draft) and that’s where you start…if you ever feel inclined! 🙂 Both amazing books writing or not. Love you so very much! xoxo

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